Back to Everything.

After almost two weeks of being sick, I’m finally back on my feet. I’ve run the last three mornings. Not well, but I’ve run. Sunday, I did a four mile run/walk before church. Yesterday, I ran three miles from my house before work. Today, I met up with my friends for the first morning in forever and ran five miles with them. It was nice to get my day started early and to get ready for work at the gym once again. Even the guy at the smoothie bar said, “It’s been a while.” Yes, it has. It’s good to be back.

During my two-week hiatus, I noticed the scale dropping, but that didn’t excite me. I’m not leaner than I was two weeks ago. I’m less muscular. Now that I’m running again, I feel a soreness in my legs, particularly my thighs, that encourages me. I want that hurt. I want to regain my strength. And I don’t care if the scale goes up again, I want the muscle back. I know fat loss will follow, but I need the muscle first.

I’m also ready to get my life back. For the last two weeks, I’ve gone to work and then gone home and slept. I haven’t interacted with people as I normally do. I cancelled the plans I had because I didn’t have the energy and because I thought it unfair to be around people and risk getting them sick. But this weekend, I was feeling better and did a bunch of things. Dave and I participated in a two-day marriage seminar, went to a UT football game, visited the church where the marriage seminar instructor was teaching, and volunteered for the Ride for the Roses. I got to see dear friends I hadn’t seen in weeks and, in some cases, months. It was a busy weekend. By Sunday night, I was ready to pass out and did around 7:00 p.m., but I felt good to do things again.

I’m ready to reclaim, not just my routines, but my life. I’m starting to think about goals for the rest of the year and next year. So that’s what’s on the horizon. Fun stuff.

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