Good, Hard Efforts.

I had a great first week back from being sick. I ran four times last week. I had a busy week at work. Dave and I did lots of fun things. We went out to dinner Thursday night to a new-ish spot that he discovered driving around the neighborhood. On Friday, we went to a friend’s 40th birthday party. On Saturday, we went to a church service at a friend’s house and a performance by an a cappella band. On Sunday morning, I ran a 10-mile race in Austin, and we had a fun breakfast with other runner friends afterwards. Then we did organizational stuff around the house, which was fun with him. And then last night, one of my Kilimanjaro friends rolled into town. We’ve had a lot of goodness after a period of sickness and stress. I’m so grateful.

Yesterday’s run was a final confidence booster before the NYC marathon this coming weekend. While I was sick for two weeks, I didn’t run at all, so it was important to me to feel good running yesterday. It was a hilly course. I wasn’t fast enough to keep up with my friends. I fell about half a mile behind them, but I ran steadily and felt like I could keep running. That’s what I needed. I ran again this morning and still felt really good. This weekend, I hope for the same. I want to feel well through the race. I want to put in a good, hard effort and feel strong the entire way.

I’m excited to be doing this race again, and I’m even more excited about being in New York City with Dave. We’re going to see a couple of shows. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to meet up with one of my friends from boarding school. We’re staying near Ground Zero, so we’ll see the 9/11 museum. We’ve had a lot going on since Dave moved to Texas, so the idea of four days with him in a vibrant city away from home sounds lovely. This will be a nice weekend for us before we dive into the holidays and planning for next year.

I’ve been mulling over what 2015 might have in store for me and for us. I’m not sure yet what races we will do or what trips we’ll take, but Dave and I are settling in to life together in the same town. It hasn’t always been easy adjusting to the reality of another person in the mix, but the more I talk to my friends, the more I hear from others that the initial period of adjustment is tough. It doesn’t mean we can’t figure things out or that we aren’t meant for one another. It just means we’re doing life together – real life. Before he moved, we spent weekends together – admittedly easy weekends because we were both in vacation mode when we connected. But now, we are in the thick of our lives – work, family, play, travel, sickness, events. All of it. And we’re enjoying and committed to both the fun of being together and the work of being together. And that, more than anything, is what makes my heart most grateful.

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