A Good Cold Run.

I did my first run after another week of being sick. It was in the low 40s, so I bundled up – long pants, three layers on top, a hat and gloves – and I ran four miles in my neighborhood. My only goal was to keep running, and I managed to do that and feel pretty good. When I was sick for nearly two weeks a month or so ago, I could only manage a run/walk when I got back on my feet, so I’m thrilled with a steady run on my first time out. An entire week without physical activity of any kind is just too much. Continue reading

People on the Trails.

Last night, thanks to an invite from my friend Jeanie, I went to a trail running film festival. For two and a half hours, we watched short films on people who do off-road running. I’m very much a road runner because I like to know my feet will plant firmly in front of me, but a couple of years ago, I started doing some trail running in an effort to deal with a post-race slump I was experiencing. I’ve found it difficult at times but always super fun. This film festival showed me another side of trail running – a crazy and fun community of people who like to push their bodies to extremes in stunningly beautiful environments.  Dare I say I might have to try one of the races featured in one of the films? Continue reading

NYC Recap.

I made a promise to myself this weekend: no more running marathons untrained. I finished the NYC marathon for the second time, but it wasn’t pretty. With all of life’s events, including two weeks of being sick, I was trained for about ten miles and ran a solid ten miles. The last sixteen were terrible. There were people walking faster than I was running. I got passed by old people, people in costumes, and even people limping. It was brutal. I finished and that’s always good, but I committed to myself that, going forward, finishing will never be enough. It’s time to do more than finish. It’s time to perform. Continue reading