Thanksgiving Already?

How did we get to Thanksgiving? Where has the fall gone? Somehow the days and weeks are flying by and suddenly I’m less than thirty days from my 41st birthday and I haven’t mentioned my birthday even once? That’s unheard of for me. Clearly, something is a little off.

I’ve been a little off. When I was sick, I got out of the rhythm of running and training each morning, and though I’ve been well again for a few weeks, I’m just getting back on something of a regular schedule. Yesterday, Dave dragged me to an early spin class, and today I made my first run with the girls in about a month. So I’m two for two and have big plans to spin tomorrow, Turkey Trot Thursday, and Green Bean Casserole Run Friday. Do you like how I made those names into verbs? It works, right?

I’m feeling chipper. I’ve been doing trial prep at work and had big deadlines yesterday. My days have been long, but I’ve gotten tons done, and I feel like I’ve made progress in other aspects of my life too. Dave and I have worked through some things that have made a big difference in how we interact. We are working on communicating more and living less in our own heads, which is sometimes a challenge for two adults who have been on their own their entire adult lives. But we’re doing it, and I’m encouraged that we thought enough about what was happening to identify what was hindering us. Lately, time with him has felt easy, except when he beats be at Cribbage, which I don’t appreciate even a little bit. But he’ll get what’s coming to him, I’m sure.

We have a quick trip planned for this weekend, and then we’ll be in town for a couple of months. That’s intentional on our part. We’d love to make a trip to Iowa for many reasons. I can think of at least eight of them right now, but we decided that we’ve been going going going too much and that a season of just being together in our town would be good for us. I think we’re right. I’m looking forward to the holidays and working and training and just being a bit. I’m sure we’ll have lots of parties and such to go to, and they’ll be fun, but we won’t be packing a bag – other than a gym bag – until February at the earliest. That feels good to us.

I’m hopeful about what December will bring. Dave and I both have birthdays coming up. Mine is six days before his, but let’s not talk about how young he is. Just believe me when I say he’s younger, and I’m resentful about that. I hope the little Cribbage winner will appropriately respect his elders this coming holiday season. I’m not delusional about the likelihood of that, but I am hopeful.

As we approach the beginning of the holiday season, with this day we call Thanksgiving, I hope you find yourself doing things that you enjoy surrounded by friends and family you love. That’s how Thanksgiving is working out for me this year. So I know it crept up on me , but I’ve got no complaints really. Well, maybe I’ve got one, but the holidays are young, and I have a feeling the cards will be falling in my favor very soon.

So enjoy a fine meal. Get a workout or two in if you can. Get some rest. And surround yourself with people who happily take the seat at the table next to yours and, by doing so, put a big smile on your face. That’s what I intend to do.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Already?

  1. This past year, the one with 40 in it, turned out pretty darn well, in spite of your vocal dread. Am I right? Just saying. Enjoy 41; you’ll never be this young again. And it is young! Love your 62 year old friend. Who is not 65, or 98.

  2. Taline….sounds as though you are “living large!” I pray you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy some quality time together. If things change for you on Saturday night…come on over and we can celebrate two engagements.

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