Saturday in Bed.

This is an unusual Saturday afternoon. I’m in bed resting. Lucky me, I got sick on Christmas Day. I went to bed at around 8 on Christmas night and slept long into the next morning. Again last night, I went to bed relatively early and slept until around 10 this morning. I’ve had to cancel tennis with an old friend, a baby shower, and time with my godson. None of that has been fun. On the upside, I’ve had lots of time at home to rest. 

I’ve gotten sick a few times this fall. I don’t know why. Normally, I get sick only once or twice a year, but I think this is the fourth or fifth time this fall that I’ve gotten something. Congestion. Cough. Yucky phlegmy stuff. None of it is fun, but, on the upside, it forces a slow down.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve read a ton, mostly book club books, and watched The Hobbit movies because Dave wanted to see the new one for his birthday, and I hadn’t seen either of the first two. We went last night, and drinking plenty of water, I got through the movie with no coughing fits. But there was no sharing of hummus or artichoke spinach dip during the movie. I did miss that. Of course, now I need to see The Lord of The Rings trilogy because, much to my surprise, I loved the story. I don’t normally care for fantasy, but there was so much humanity (if that makes sense) in the story that I got hooked.

Today, we are laying low. We walked to a local bakery, and I had a delicious vegetable soup for lunch. Now I’m curled up in bed with my children and my laptop. Dave’s feeding me orange juice and Emergen-C. There’s a nap in my future.

It is an unusual Saturday afternoon, but it’s actually quite lovely, despite the illness. I look forward to health so I can get back to running and such, as I haven’t done a thing since Christmas morning – which might have been what got me sick, now that I think it, because it was quite cold that morning. But just being at home is nice. I should try this more when I’m well.

2 thoughts on “Saturday in Bed.

  1. Take it easy and feel better soon, Taline. I also have been getting sick more often lately. Think it might be a combo of hitting 40, plus some especially nasty cold viruses going around.

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