The Long Run.

I had a 10-mile run on my training plan for tomorrow. Then I showed my plan to Natasha, who is my past and future TriDot coach thanks to the sweetness and generosity of my Dave, and she suggested I run 18 miles instead. My initial internalized reaction was, “Um, is that really necessary? After all, I did an 18-miler just two weeks ago. Do I really need another one before the Austin Marathon?” Apparently, yes, I do. So I’m preparing myself mentally for a long run tomorrow morning. Continue reading

An Early Morning Surprise.

I slept terribly last night. When my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m., I almost texted the girls to tell them that I was bailing on our run, but I managed somehow to get my butt out of bed and to the trails. We had a lovely 5-mile run during which we got to hear about Jenny’s 30K trail race of this past weekend in West Texas. It sounds like a race that needs to land on my 2016 schedule. Then when we got back to our cars, I had the most wonderful surprise waiting for me. Continue reading

Inner Ramblings on a Long Run.

The weather pleasantly surprised us for yesterday’s 18.6 mile run. It was cold and drizzly at the start, but the rain cleared, and it ended up being beautiful running weather. Although I saw some of my friends at the start, I ran the race entirely alone because Kerry was running a different distance, and I wasn’t able to connect with Jenny beforehand. (It wouldn’t have mattered if I had. She’s quite a bit faster than I am.) Running alone for a long distance is something I haven’t done in a while. I discovered that I’m still good at being in my head for a few hours at a time. And what I heard in my own head made me realize that I have lots of other work to do. Continue reading

I Choose to Run.

I’ve made lots of good choices this week. My friends and I shuffled our running days to adjust to the weather, so we still got three good days of running in despite below freezing temperatures and lots of rain. This morning, my friend Poppe and I went to yoga again, as hot yoga was about the only training I could muster in the cold and the rain. And I’ve eaten super well since I started a clean eating challenge on Monday. I love those choices, but my choices for the week aren’t done. I have an 18.6 mile race tomorrow, and the forecast is bleak. Do I run if the temperature is in the 30s and it’s raining? That’s the decision I have to make, and I’m thinking I need to make it now. Continue reading

Making a Choice.

It’s been a cold weekend. Yesterday morning and this morning, I ran outdoors in temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. Brrr. But it was fun. I ran 8 miles with my friend Poppe yesterday along the beautiful Lady Bird Lake, and today I did a 3-mile route solo in my neighborhood. Both mornings, I was tempted to sleep in and stay warm, but I got the runs done, and they felt great. Once again, I’m reminded that I never regret getting the workouts in. I only regret skipping them.

Continue reading

Happy Blank Page.

I had the delightful serendipity of rounding out the last hours of January 1 by filling out the last pages of my old journal. I have a stash of blank journals, so I spent some time last night carefully selecting the book I’d use in the coming year. Did I want a leather cover? Did I want a simple composition book? Did I want lined or unlined pages? Did I want tablet sized pages or full 8 1/2 by 11 pages? There were so many choices. After a bit of fondling through my options, I chose a full-sized, unlined book. Specifically, I chose this book: Continue reading