Lucky Socks.

Last year, just before Ironman Coeur d’Alene, the clasp on my Ironman necklace broke. In a frenzy, I had to rush to get it fixed before my race because having that necklace is one of my various superstitions around Ironman events.  Another has to do with my socks. I’ve worn the same multi-colored flower socks for all five of my Ironman events. I have one pair for the bike and another for the run. More accurately, I had one pair for the bike and another for the run. Last night, I discovered a hole in the heel of one of my socks – one of my lucky socks. Shame on me for wearing them so much. I should have saved them for my races. What do I do now? Continue reading

Awesome Spring Break.

I don’t have kids, but the week felt like spring break even to me because so many were out of the office this week. I took Wednesday off and then learned late in the day that our office would close on Friday. That made for a super light week of work. The breather at work matched up nicely with my first week of training at the Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy. I managed nine workouts in five days, and I loved every minute of it. Here’s how it went: Continue reading

On the Road Again.

The weather has been so strange that I hadn’t been on the road on my bike all winter. I’ve done spin classes, which I know are good for my fitness, but I need time on the road to get confident with my bike handling skills. We’ve only had a couple of decent weekends, but I was out of town with each one. This was the first that I could actually ride.  We did a ride in Bastrop yesterday. I didn’t love the course, but I loved being back on the bike. Continue reading

A Swimming High.

I joined a new swim/triathlon program last week. I’ve been going to Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy, a new facility that is working in conjunction with my existing training program, TriDot. Former Olympian and world record holder Brendan Hansen is one of the swim coaches. Just before this morning’s practice, he squeezed my arm and said, “You’re becoming one of my regulars.”  Oh my goodness. I just about fainted. Continue reading