Measured Improvement!

Today, we did a test on the bike to check my progress. When my coach Natasha announced that we would be testing, I got nervous, in part because I’ve been training sporadically this past week. Dave and I went to Roatan, Honduras, for four days, and I wasn’t able to do anything but run there. And before I left town, I had a couple of days of hectic work, which meant missed workouts. I could see that maybe I would be rested. I could also see that maybe I would be out of sorts physically because I’d lost my rhythm of training. Maybe I was a little bit of both, given the travel, but I’m encouraged that I tested 18 watts better than I did back on March 17. That was exciting! Continue reading

On the Road Again (an MS 150 Race Report).

Our weather has been so funky in Austin that I haven’t been out on my bike much. I’ve done a lot of work on a trainer, but I’ve done very little road riding. It’s been cold and rainy much of the winter. This weekend was no exception. This week it rained so much that on Friday afternoon, just as Dave and I were heading out to meet our team for the drive to Houston for our two-day ride, we got an email saying that Day 1 of the ride was cancelled due to rain. There went my 100-mile day. All that remained was to figure out whether Day 2 would happen. Continue reading

Grateful for the Push.

I am deep into my training. Since starting at my new facility, I’ve kicked my training up about ten notches. I’m training seven days a week, often with two workouts a day and with a swim only on my recovery day. I’m loving swimming, especially the occasional high-five from Brendan. I’m biking on a trainer that measures my power and hitting numbers I didn’t expect from myself. And I’m running, mostly comfortably, on my previously injured calf. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve averaged fourteen hours of training a week. I’m feeling really lucky to be healthy and able to train as much as I am. Continue reading