Grateful for the Push.

I am deep into my training. Since starting at my new facility, I’ve kicked my training up about ten notches. I’m training seven days a week, often with two workouts a day and with a swim only on my recovery day. I’m loving swimming, especially the occasional high-five from Brendan. I’m biking on a trainer that measures my power and hitting numbers I didn’t expect from myself. And I’m running, mostly comfortably, on my previously injured calf. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve averaged fourteen hours of training a week. I’m feeling really lucky to be healthy and able to train as much as I am.

I’ve been reading a training blog written by a couple in California. Their names are Jesse and Taylor. He’s wicked fast, and she sounds a lot like me, steady but not at the front of the pack. I’ve never met these folks but after reading their story for a long time, I’ve become attached. Like last year, when Ironman Lake Tahoe was cancelled last year due to smoke, I immediately thought of Jesse, who I knew was there hoping to race, and I ached for him. I wanted him to have his race. And now he’s injured, and I’m reading about how he’s staying fit despite his injury and even going so far as to Uber himself to swim workouts because he can’t drive, bike or run for a while. I’m impressed, and reading about what he’s not able to do and how determined he is to do what he can pushes me harder in my own efforts.

This weekend, Dave and I rode the LBJ 100 in the hill country. It was windy. Miserably windy. The crosswinds scared me at times, and I felt like every turn landed me into another headwind. I wanted so many times to quit, but then I thought of Jesse, who would likely give anything right now to be on his bike, even in the wind. And I thought of Taylor, who shares many of my fears on the bike but is biking anyway. So I kept going. I also did a 5K timed on Sunday and had to follow that all-out effort with an easy run, and I didn’t want to run anymore. But again, I thought of Jesse, and sucked it up and ran.

Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated for the workouts. And other times, I just feel so grateful to be able to do them. Right now, I’m in a place of tremendous gratitude.

Jesse and Taylor, thank you both for writing about your adventures and helping push me along. Late happy birthday to you, Taylor. I’m so jealous that you are so young. And Jesse, in your injury, you have spurred me along. Thank you for that. May you heal super quickly.

7 thoughts on “Grateful for the Push.

  1. Taline, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m flattered to read that you’ve followed our story so closely, and I’m even more motivated to get back out there knowing that you’ve been inspired by us. Despite the niggling calf pain, you’ve logged impressive, consistent volume and I’m confident that you’ll keep it up! I’m looking forward to reading about your experience in CdA, and hope to share some good news about my recovery soon. I’m not writing this season off yet, and I’m optimistic about posting some big results – even if they come in later in the year. Thanks again for your support!

    • Thank you so much for the support, Taline! It really means the world to us, and we’re both so flattered that you’ve found inspiration within our stories. I’m so happy you can find solace in our collective fear of biking. We look forward to reading the rest of your CdA story. You inspire us, too!

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