Not Racing Day #2.

Yesterday consisted of:

waking without an alarm, coffee from a french press, warm cinnamon rolls on the back porch, a walk through the neighborhood, a stroll through Ironman Village, chatting with Mike Riley (the Voice of Ironman), meeting the woman whose husband created the ART method (Active Releases Techniques), chatting up a cute little older lady from Post Falls in a ticket line, lunch at a restaurant at the Coeur d’Alene Resort overlooking the lake, a 90-minute boat tour of Lake Coeur d’Alene, trying and buying Huckleberry caramels, parasailing (yikes – parasailing!), making friends with a woman who was on our boat supporting her 24-year-old son’s parasailing adventure, scoring an Ironman Coeur d’Alene visor for $5 when the price marked was $25 (even after pointing out the error to store staff), a visit to Dr. Sellers from Austin who was working the ART tent at the Ironman Village and the realization that he can help my hip, saying hello to Kevin of Cycle Chauffeur and meeting his sweet pup Earl, befriending the athlete who rented the house we had last year (which is across the street from us this year) and finding in her a kindred spirit, trying out Satay Bistro, which was recommended by our new friend on the boat, and then crashing hard to sleep. Good day. Really good day.


5 thoughts on “Not Racing Day #2.

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