When I last wrote, I will dealing with a lingering hip injury. Not long after that post, my hip was fixed, and I’ve been running like a mad woman since. Not just running actually. I’ve been running and spinning and playing tennis, which has been a ton of fun. It feels phenomenal to move again without pain. I’ve learned an important lesson from this experience: healing is about surrounding yourself with the right people.

When I first realized my hip was hurt, I was convinced it was a tear or a break, so I went to a doctor and had an x-ray followed by an MRI. Neither showed an injury. That doctor told me I needed rest. I wasn’t satisfied with that response, so I went to another doctor – another M.D. – and he told me the same thing. Rest. So I rested. For nearly two months, I rested. I left my running buddies and my training group and spent a whole bunch of time at home. I didn’t race in Coeur d’Alene, but Dave and I made the trip, and while I was there, I ran into another doctor from home, the chiropractor who worked on my calf and foot earlier this year. He asked why I wasn’t racing and then proceeded to work on my hip using the ART method, which hurt like hell but worked. After two treatments in Coeur d’Alene, I could run/walk again for a few miles. It still ached, but I could move.  And after two more treatments back at home, I could run five miles without pain. That doctor did what the other two couldn’t. He fixed me. My injury didn’t need rest. It needed the right person.

Isn’t that often the case? Whatever the injury, I think healing really is about surrounding yourself, surrounding myself, with people who help the healing happen. So often, when something hurts, I want to retreat into isolation and try to will myself into improvement. I’m not quick to look around for sources of help. But people make a huge difference. The right doctor. The right friend. The right person to love. People make all the difference. I will remember this the next time anything hurts.

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