Wednesday List #36 – Seven Fun Firsts.

Without a major triathlon to train for, I’ve been intentional about filling my time with goodness and about noticing the goodness around me. Here are a few things I’ve identified as good, fun firsts:

  1. Dave and I went boot shopping together. Despite my many years as a Texan, it was my first time ever to shop for cowboy boots. We didn’t buy anything (largely due to my thick calves), but it was fun.
  2. I made a pecan pie this weekend. It was my first pie ever, and it was delicious. Dave and I have already eaten the entire thing except for one tiny sliver we are both leaving for the other to enjoy.
  3. I ran with my trail running group at Emma Long Park in far northwest Austin. It was my first time there. And no surprise, I got lost.
  4. I’m reading David Brooks for the first time. Specifically, I’m reading The Road to Character, which was recommended to me by my friend Emily.
  5. I hit 182,000 miles on my car. It’s my first time to have a car with so many miles, but I love it and have no plans to get a new car anytime soon.
  6. Bread and Butter now have a small kitty condo. Dave went to the pet store to get a container for their food and came home with a kitty condo that Bread, in particular, seems to enjoy. My children have never had a kitty condo.
  7. A friend of mine recently posted that she and her daughter did an all women’s mountain bike session. I’ve been wanting to try that for some time, but I’ve been skittish about it. Knowing that my friend’s daughter did it inspires me to give it a try. More on that later.

I like these firsts. I can’t wait to see what other firsts I get to experience in the coming weeks.

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