This weekend, I watched a friend do her very first triathlon ever. I’ve been watching her train for months. She had to learn how to swim and build up the confidence to swim 750 meters in open water. That was the biggest mental hurdle. But she also had to buy a bike and get comfortable out on the road. Oh and did I mention she has two little kids? So she had to figure out how and when to train while working and being a mom. And she did it. I loved every minute of watching her reach her goal. 

I love sports, whether it be triathlon, running or something else, because sports give people – regular people – a chance to surprise themselves. Repeatedly through her training, my friend Sangita said something like, “I feel like I’m the best version of myself today.” Each time she reached a new distance or accomplished a goal within the goal, she felt improved. And she was. She stretched her view of herself and discovered that a triathlete is not a superhuman other who does cool things she could never do. She discovered that a triathlete is the woman whose reflection she sees every day in the mirror. She’s got all the superhuman she needs. She’s got all the ability to do cool things right within herself. That’s a powerful and awesome discovery.

Best of all, she had a ton of fun. Each time I saw her on the bike or the run, she had a huge grin on her face. I think she astonished herself by how ready she was, how good she felt, and how strong she discovered herself to be. Her joy showed in her manner and her smile. I’m so proud of Sangita. I’m so glad she decided many months ago to challenge herself. And I’m thrilled that she picked a triathlon as her goal.12003356_10206512117174620_8937625426690639759_n

Seeing Sangita cross that finish line and revel in her accomplishment made me want that experience again for myself. The Blueberry Cove 13.1 was a good start for me towards getting back into some kind of a routine, getting beyond my injuries, and crossing a finish line, but my mind has been afloat. I haven’t committed to a plan or a goal for my races. I think it’s time to do that – to set specific goals and figure out a training plan to help me reach those goals. That’s precisely what Sangita did. That’s what I need to do too.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration.

  1. What a sweet recap!! I met Sangita about a month or so ago, and now we are on the AASA team together. It is such a joy to watch her train and accomplish her milestones. I worked the TriRock finish line and saw her come across, with a beautiful smile on her face. Priceless!! Being surrounded by such a loving and supportive (tri) community is a blessing. Many wonderful things have yet to come… 🙂

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