Swim Bike Run.

I came home from work yesterday to the sweetest gift in the mail. My friend Diane, who is the wife and mother to the father and son who were on my Kilimanjaro climb, mailed me this awesome block with the sweetest note of encouragement:


Her timing couldn’t have been better. Just this week, I rejoined Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy’s triathlon program, and even on Friday, my body was tired. It’s not that I increased the volume of my workouts, but I did increase the intensity, and I added strength work. It’s definitely been a good week for me, but I’m beat.

This morning, we did a bike/run session, known in the triathlon world as a brick. We did a nine mile warm up ride followed by a one mile warmup run. Then we did fast 5 mile/1K repeats. I only did two repeats, but many in the group did three, four or even five. I did pretty well for my first week back, but I need to get my mileage up for these high intensity workouts. I find it interesting that I could have biked 50, 75 or 100 miles, as I’ve been doing in recent weeks, but to do anything fast takes a lot out of me.

I don’t naturally do fast. I’m working on that, and that’s largely while I rejoined my training program for the last four months leading up to my race. I need the intensity push because that will help my Ironman time.

I love that my friend from far away thought of me when she saw this particular block. Thank you, Diane! Swim bike run. Yes, I’ll be doing lots of that in the coming months. Quite happily, and hopefully fast.

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