The “Lasts.”

I’m at the point of the “lasts.” Today was my last track workout before my race. This Saturday will be my last long-ish ride (2.5 hours) before my race. Next Monday will be my last team swim before my race. It’s time to get the lists made and the gear bag packed and get this show on the road!

On the track this morning, I felt nothing but gratitude. I’m grateful to be and feel well, especially after last year’s race was blown because of a crummy hip. It wasn’t a hard workout. We did three one-mile efforts like this – 200 hard, 200 easy, 400 hard, 400 easy, 200 hard, 200 easy.  I went hard on the hards and easy on the easies and did between 10:30 and 10:40 miles, which is really good for me. With my warm up and cool down, it was a five-mile effort in total, and I loved it. I loved every minute of it.

Work is still super busy, so my days are going fast, but I’m getting my sleep and getting my workouts in, and I’m hopeful for a solid Wisconsin experience. I’m pretty sure the wetsuit I haven’t worn since Coeur d’Alene in 2014 will fit because I’m fairly lean these days. I have a healthy respect for the Wisconsin bike course, including the one new hill that “they” are saying many will end up walking. We’ll see. I’m out to do my best. And I want to run well. My hope is always to have a good day, meaning (a) I finish and (b) I feel good out there. If I finish, it’s going to feel like a good day regardless of what actually happened out on the course, but I’d like a truly good day.

It’s been over two years since my last Ironman. I crave the experience. I’m so ready to get myself packed and on a plane. I want to drop things off in my hotel room and pick up my bike from Kevin with Cycle Chauffeur and get to riding to feel the Madison air. I want to go to registration and pick up my $700 backpack and feel the pride that comes with having that race wristband securely in place. I want to go for rides and runs and feel the energy of a few thousand people eagerly anticipating race day. I want to race and relish in the finish line experience for myself and for others. And I want to wake up the next morning feeling the gratitude I feel now magnified.

My job as I complete these “lasts” is to let my body be so recovered that it, too, craves the race. I’m taking that instruction quite seriously. I will skip my Sunday run because my schedule says to. I will limit my workouts next week to the small bits of time that my schedule calls for. My body will be super hungry to race.

Good heavens, I just can’t wait.

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