No More Rest.

I did my first post-Ironman track workout today, and it kicked my butt. It’s only been a few weeks since my race, but I feel like my fitness has back-tracked with all the rest. I’ve been taking it easy and sleeping more and only getting to about half my usual workouts. Today, I paid for it. We did three one-mile repeats, and it hurt. Was the rest worth it? I don’t think so.

I’ve decided to race again next year. I wasn’t planning to. Before Wisconsin, I was thinking to take 2017 off from Ironman, but I’ve changed my mind. I want to conquer the toughest section of Barlow that I had to walk because I dropped my chain. So I’m going back to Wisconsin next year. I can’t do ten months of intense Ironman training, so I’m planning to do a few months of run-focused training leading up to the 3M Half and the Austin Half, and then I’ll pick back up in February or March with really honing in on Ironman. I’m excited.

The goals for next Ironman season are:

  • Beat Barlow.
  • Run the vast majority of the run.
  • Enjoy the day.

In that order, which is different for me. If I can do those three things, I should PR, not just on the Wisconsin course, but with respect to all of my Ironman races. That’s the real goal. I don’t typically think in terms of speed because I don’t think of myself as fast, but this next year, the focus will be on improvement and time. I’m trying to shift my thinking from, “I’m out here to have fun” to “I’m out here to race.”

I am always out to have fun, but I’m ready to take the next step into expecting a little more of myself in my races. That’ll be fun too. As my coach Natasha likes to say, “Faster is funner.”

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