Wednesday List #38 -Things I Love About Track Workouts.

Pretty much every Wednesday morning, I’m on the track with my team. Sometimes I make the 5:45 workout, sometimes the 7:00. I try to make the earlier workout most of the time, but which one I attend largely depends on how well or how much I slept the night before. Last night, Dave and I were out way past my bedtime (at a Henry Rollins show!), so I went to the 7:00 workout, just barely. It was hard to get moving this morning, but I’m so glad I made the workout.

  1. I like track workouts because many of my team members are significantly faster than I am, and the track allows us to still work out together. We may run on different intervals, and they might lap me (sometimes more than once) or finish the workout before I do, but they are within my sight always, which is nice.
  2. When I’m groggy, the track feels like a safe place to run. On the trails, particularly in the dark, there is always the possibility that I’ll trip on a tree root or a rock. (It’s not just a possibility. I’ve actually done that more than once.) The track doesn’t have those issues. So a not-quite-awake Taline is pretty safe out there.
  3. The track is a good place to measure improvement. For example, we’ve been doing 400s. If I’m remembering correctly, two weeks ago, we did four sets of 3 400s, with 90 seconds after each 400, a harder effort on the last 400 of the set, and a recovery break after each set. Last week, we did three sets of 4 400s, with 75 seconds after each 400, a harder effort on the last 400 of the set, and a recovery break after each set. Today, we did straight 400s with just a minute between each one. I did 16 of them (for a total of 4 miles) and held a pace of right around 2:15 per 400 until the last one, which I pushed to a 1:54, again with the help of Ana. I started out aiming for 2:25 400s, but today I was holding 2:15 or better on many of them. That’s clear and encouraging improvement.
  4. On the track, I can see and hear how others are doing. I hear the times of the speedy people in the group, and they inspire me. I see the effort they put in, and that effort pushes me to work harder. I see people doing the cool down laps that I want to skip, but I don’t skip them because I’m not alone out there. It’s fun to work hard with other people, and my team works really hard.

I love Wednesday mornings. I love pulling up to the track. I love doing the workout. I love leaving the workout feeling accomplished. I never would have expected this of myself, but the track has become my happy place. And it awaits me each week…

4 thoughts on “Wednesday List #38 -Things I Love About Track Workouts.

  1. The track is my happy place too Taline. So blessed to be able to share these experiences with you and the rest of our team. Absolutely love all of this. 🙂

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