You blink, and it’s August.

I’m suddenly less than six weeks out from Wisconsin, which seems unreal. Wasn’t I just there? I vividly remember enjoying my grilled cheese sandwich at The Tipsy Cow the day after the race.  Dave and I sat outside, and we were noticing all the other finishers in their gear, including a woman who wore the same long-sleeved pullover that I was wearing. Dave being Dave said something about how I wore it better, though I know she did as she was super fit and machine-like, not soft and doughy like I was last year.

Somehow we are just weeks from being up in Madison again. My training has been more distracted this year, but it’s happened. I rode 83 miles a couple of weekends ago, and another 70 miles in blazing heat this past weekend. And my runs are feeling good. This morning, I did my usual five-mile run with the girls, and the weather was so lovely that I extended my run another three miles on my own. It felt good to run alone and to have a little reprieve from the heat.  I haven’t been swimming since I scraped myself up pretty good practicing hand-ups just over a week ago, but I think I’m just days away from being back in the water. I’m hopeful that I will have a good race.

I’m leaner than I was last year. I have room to be leaner still, but I’m pleased with how well I’m eating and how my body is responding.  I’ve pretty much eliminated dairy from my diet since Memorial Day. Not 100% but pretty close. Last week, I had a rough week at work and indulged in stress-eating some ice cream, which I rarely do. I bought two pints – Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream and Haagen Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter. Both were delicious, but my body was not happy after the ice cream. It just affirmed for me that my body and dairy are no longer friends.

For these last six weeks leading up to my race, I want to focus on making all the workouts, despite the busy-ness at work. And I want to get good rest, despite the somewhat later nights at the office or in meetings. Sometimes that means pretty much getting right to sleep as soon as I get home, which is hard for me. I have a process of winding down that can’t be rushed terribly effectively, but I’m trying. Mostly it helps that I’m pretty worn out when I get home.

Forgive me if it takes me longer to return calls and emails. I’d say I’m barely holding on, but that suggests a dire-ness that just isn’t my situation. I love what I’m getting to do right now.  I do have the occasional frustration with work, but who doesn’t? Mostly I feel like I’m getting to spend my time doing incredibly worthwhile things with and for people I adore. And in my own time, I get to be with Dave and train.

Speaking of Dave, it being August 1 means he rolled into town in his U-Haul three years ago today. I also vividly remember waiting in my newly cleaned kitchen, desperate for him to pull up in front of the house. That doesn’t seem like it was three years ago until I start thinking about how much has happened and how far we’ve come in that time.  I’m proud to say we’ve worked really hard at being good to one another, and I think we’ve done pretty well at it. I know he has, and I hope he feels the same way. I know my days are so much sweeter with him in them.

Maybe time isn’t flying as much as it’s steadily rolling along in such a delightful way that I rarely look at my watch to notice it passing. I read a book years ago that talked about “flow” being that place where you have your head down in a project and then suddenly three hours have passed and you barely noticed that you’d been working diligently for all that time. The book described it as a good thing – quite the opposite of being in a boring clock-watching situation.

Maybe I’m in a flow. It’s August, and my mid-September race will be here in no time at all. And then it’ll pretty much be Christmas, and I’ll wonder where 2017 went. It certainly hasn’t been dull. It’s been delightful. And though it does seem to be moving too quickly in some respects, I’m grateful for everything right now. It’s good to be well right where I am and also to be looking forward to all that is to come.  I’m grateful.

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