Continuous Miles.

This morning, I met my training group for a run around Lady Bird Lake. We were a small group, since a large portion of the team is racing in Kerrville this weekend. The plan was either five or seven miles at an easy pace. I quickly realized that I would be running alone given the speeds of those who showed up, so I settled into that and decided to make it a seven mile morning.

I’ve been thinking about where I go from here. As I mentioned previously, part of me wants a break from Ironman. I could still do 70.3 events and other smaller races, but I was thinking not to commit to the kind of training that would eat up most of my Saturdays. And I have moments of being really okay with that, but then I think about what I wanted to do going into this last race and how I didn’t quite get it done. I don’t know. The Ironman thing for me feels unfinished. I wanted to find a way to run the run in my race, and that didn’t happen. I did another run/walk. Was it my body or my mind that couldn’t quite push through? I’m not sure.

With all of that on my mind this morning, I decided to push through the seven miles without stopping for anything. I started at the parking lot for Deep Eddy pool. I didn’t stop for water at my usual spots. I didn’t stop to walk the hill up the winding ramp at I-35 like I normally do. I didn’t stop to walk the little steep hill that’s a little ways before the pedestrian foot bridge. I didn’t stop to talk to people I recognized. I didn’t even stop at seven miles. I kept running until I got all the way back to my car. That meant a continuous 7.3 miles. And it felt great.

I loved getting to start my Friday this way. I love training. It is hard, and it takes up a lot of time, but I really do enjoy it. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of it.  I’m thinking maybe I like the idea of a break more than the actual break itself.  Or maybe my friends are right, and I am an Ironman junkie.

Oh hell. There are worse things I could do than sign up for a race…or two.  Right? Yes. I could be doing far worse things.

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