My Mental Health Day.

I took one today. I had a big deadline yesterday and gave myself today to recover and just be. I had a few things planned for the day. Some of it got rescheduled, and there were some surprises, but it’s been a really sweet day.

I slept in. I ran some trails near my house. I did some laundry and stuff around the house. I lunched with my mom and the ladies from church. I browsed a cute shop I’d never been in. I got a tour of an old home in my community that is being renovated between tenants. I even managed to do a wee little bit of work. Now I’m resting (with a cat on my lap) before heading to a meeting tonight.

I was thinking about what I would identify as the best part of the day, and I’m realizing there’s too much to focus on just one thing.

For the first time in a couple of months, I slept through the night last night. Lately, I’ve been waking up, usually in the two o’clock hour, and staying awake an hour or two. Most recently, I’ve even gotten out of bed and done some reading or housework since sleep has felt so unachievable. I don’t know what’s been causing the lack of sleep. Has it just been that work has been stressful with this massive deadline looming? Have I been going to bed too early? Have I been keeping myself up by checking my phone when I do wake up? I really don’t know. But last night, I slept. I woke up briefly around one in the morning, but I felt right back asleep. It was amazing. I’m hopeful I’ll have that experience again tonight.

I also thoroughly enjoyed my run.  I set out to run a 1.2 mile loop four times. It’s a trail I’ve only recently discovered. Actually, Dave discovered it and recently shared it with me. I’ve been enjoying being able to run in my community without being on the roads. It feels more peaceful. Today, I invited my mom to come out, and she did. I walked one of my four loops with her, which was fun. And I ran the rest. I hadn’t run this trail during the week, so I didn’t know before today that lots of people use this trail. I probably saw ten people out there while I was running. That made me smile. I love seeing that activity in my community.

I also really enjoyed my time with the women of my church. Dave and I have been attending this church for a couple of months. A few weeks ago, Dave went to one of the Sunday school classes while I was out on a run. The next week, I joined him. We’ve had a lot of fun with this group, and I’ve enjoyed the material for the Sunday school class. Spending time with the ladies today gave me a chance to really talk to a few of them. I can see friendships developing already, and, for that, I’m so grateful. I’m looking forward to getting to know this group and engaging with them as a church family.

This time has taken my mind back to the days when I did contract work and was in more control of my schedule. Some days I worked for an hour. Some days I worked many hours. And when I wasn’t working, I wasn’t thinking much about work. I could do a weekday class or plan a mid-day coffee guilt-free. Now, I do have a fair amount of flexibility, and I do come and go pretty freely, but I think the difference is that my mind doesn’t really shut off about work the way it did when I did only contract work. As a contractor, I could turn it off and walk away. A day like today – and the fact that I slept through the night for the first time in a long while – makes me question my decision to leave that arrangement.

Anyway, I’m grateful for the day I have had. And I’m grateful for the evening I’m about to have. I highly recommend taking a mental health day sometime. It’s done me a world of good.

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