A Good Bad Weather Day.

It’s not often that we get real winter in Texas, but when we do, everything shuts down. Today is one of those days.  The temperatures are in the mid-twenties. It rained last night before the freeze came, so the roads are iced over. I have icicles decorating my house, and now there’s a dusting of snow on the ground. It’s been a wonderful day.


After sleeping in a good three hours later than normal, I got up and got dressed. By that, I mean I put on sweatpants and my favorite Hood to Coast sweatshirt. I spent a fair amount of time at my favorite seat in the front room, reading and writing. Then I did some document review for work for a couple of hours. Now I’m taking a break before I get back to work.

I like this kind of productivity. I’m getting things done, but I’m also enjoying my coffee and hot chocolate. And I’m enjoying the cat on my lap and the birds fluttering around the feeder that I’m thankful I refilled yesterday.


The bird feeder is relatively new around these parts. We have been wanting one for a while, but I was timid about hanging one because my mom doesn’t care much for birds. I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable on my deck because of a feeder. But for Christmas, my parents received a beautiful owl made of bird seed. Mom gave it to me, and I’m so glad she did. Dave and I totally enjoyed it. It only lasted a couple of days, but we had so many sweet little visitors in that time. I especially enjoy the little guys with yellow chests. They are welcome here anytime.

After the owl was totally consumed, I mentioned to my dad that we were thinking about getting a feeder for real. Next thing I knew, he showed up at my house with a new feeder and some seed. Of course he did. That’s my dad for you. And now we get lots of different birds at the feeder. I don’t know their names, but they are beautiful, especially the red ones (which Dave tells me are cardinals) and the little guys with the yellow chests.  I’m hopeful that as the weather improves, we can go sit on the porch while they feed. Right now, they fly away when we go out there, but maybe if we sit long enough, they will return while we are there.IMG_8199

Yesterday, I intentionally went out to fill the feeder while they were feeding. Of course they flew away as I approached, but I’m hopeful they watched what I was doing and that I planted a seed of being seen as a friendly provider. They did return pretty quickly after I went inside, so maybe. And Dave braved the cold just a little while ago to refill the feeder. He decided to put the feed on the railing of our deck too. They seem to like that.

The only bad thing about a day of weather is that I can’t get a workout in. The gym, which is less than a half a mile away, is closed. The roads and trails are icy. And I don’t have a set up at home. I used to keep a trainer in my bedroom when I lived here alone, but I’ve since removed it to make more space. I removed it after tripping on one of its legs and hurting my hip. I decided there wasn’t enough room for it and that it wasn’t really needed since we were getting out on the road so often. Today is one of those rare days that I would actually use the trainer.  I supposed I could walk to the garage and get it but…no. I’ll just sit here and write about not being able to workout.

I do love these days. There’s a chance we’ll have another one of them tomorrow. Is it wrong to hope for that? Maybe at least in the morning? Maybe if that happens, then I’ll venture out to the garage just long enough to retrieve the trainer. Or maybe not. I’m pretty comfortable here with this little heater curled up on me. These are good days for sure.

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