Wednesday List #40 – Things That Occupy My Time

Dave has been traveling much of August, so I have had quite a bit of time to myself.  I much prefer him to be around, but I do well on my own for the most part. I have tried in his absence to take good care of myself, to do some cleaning and organization around the house, and to catch up on things that I have either overlooked or have been neglecting. Here are some of the things I’ve been focusing on:

  1. Plants. I have so enjoyed the ritual of watering my plants every day. A dear friend gave us a rainwater collection container a while ago. Dave set it up, and I’ve managed to water my plants almost entirely just from the rainwater we have collected. I fill my hand-held watering container about four times each time I water. It’s a calming ritual. I’ve come to look forward to that ten minutes of my day in a way I never really expected I would.
  2. Sermons. I’ve tried to use the evenings to feed my spirit a bit. I’ve been enjoying sermons from Dave’s old church in Ames. And I listened just a couple of nights ago to a sermon by an old friend who was in a terrible accident four months ago. She was struck by a truck while putting gas in her kid’s car on the side of the road. I’m still floored by the grace and joy I heard in her voice despite all that has happened. If you want to be inspired by her, go here.  It’s the August 12 sermon on that page.
  3. Books. I have been reading more. One book I’m reading is about free diving – people go deep, deep, deep into open water without any gear. Given my fissues and fear of open water generally, I don’t know what to make of that. Another is an autobiography of Thomas Merton that I am both reading and listening to. I love the way he thinks and writes and the tiny things he notices in the world around him. I want to be that attentive and that thoughtful about my words.
  4. Television. (And yes, I’m aware of how silly this sounds right after Thomas Merton.) I’m all caught up on General Hospital (and so glad that Nell is finally out of the picture for Michael), and I’ve gone back and am watching first season episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. That’s weird, I know, but I missed the first season. It’s been fun to revert back to another time.  I feel a lot less like Andrea that I used to. I feel a lot less like all of them, really, but I’m still enjoying the show.
  5. Food. Since I’ve been trying to lose weight, I’m eating at home more. Right now, that means I’m cooking up vegetables and eating tons of smoothies. The smoothies are like dessert for me. My cousin introduced me to a simple smoothie of frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, and chocolate protein powder. Blended with water, it tastes like I’m having a banana split. It’s that delicious. My indicator goal of doing well eating at home is to run my dishwasher at least twice a week, and so far, I’m being pretty consistent at that.

These things are some of my here and now. Life isn’t perfect, but there are definitely sweet spots in my days, and these are just some of them. And it’s all about to be even sweeter, as Dave gets home this evening. I’ll definitely show him our plants. And I wonder if he’ll want to watch GH with me tonight.

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