No More “Out There.”

Last I wrote, I was reveling in the “in here” and carefully navigating the “out there.” I have since abandoned the “out there” altogether. The animosity, the lies, and the dogged displays of vitriol are more than this girl can handle, so begone world. I am circling the wagons. I’ll see you again when we return to normalcy or when we start holding people accountable for the accuracy of the information they circulate – whichever comes first.

That said, I am doing quite well. Work is keeping me busy – and when I say “work,” I mean that broadly to include the different kinds of work that I do: my day job, my volunteer gig, and my side gig. There’s a lot right now. Like today, I spent pretty much every minute of the day on a zoom call or in front of the computer. The rest of the time, I was running or at the pool or in the kitchen trying to keep myself fed. I did not even have time for my morning coffee, which means I might end up having an evening coffee to complete my day.

I have relied heavily this week on writing things down to keep myself organized. I have different lists going to make sure I do everything I need to do before I head out of town this weekend. The work list. The errand/chore list. The packing list. They are all in tip-top shape. I hope! I think I will get there, but the next two days will be a challenge.

I always feel like the days leading up to a vacation amount to me earning the time off. I’ll start the vacation exhausted, I’m sure, but a day or two in, I will find my peace. We have five days away and basically no plans except to relax. The intention is simply to spend as much time as we can exploring the outdoors and enjoying the disconnected calm of the indoors. Our focus will be rest, whatever that means to us day to day. And I cannot wait.

It was not that long ago that we had our Staycation, which was exceptional, but it feels like forever ago. I blame the “out there.” As we have taken in the news and the garbage surrounding the news, I have had to fight to maintain my calm. I have for the most part won that fight, but the fight is exhausting. Dave has helped. He consistently reminds me of the goodness in the world and gives me hope that goodness will prevail. And when I get wrapped up or obsessed with the latest turn of events or the things people are saying that are simply not true, he helps me find peace again. This season has shown me once again how important he is to me and how much better my life is with him in it.

That’s not a bad place to be, huh? On the verge of vacation and in the company of true goodness. I’m grateful. Despite the “out there,” I’m grateful.

4 thoughts on “No More “Out There.”

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