About Me

I am a writer, a lawyer, and a triathlete.  I also am a daughter, an aunt, and the mother of three precious felines, Skylar (d. 2008), Bread and Butter.  Every day, I put pen to paper.  I journal for myself.  I write briefs to advocate for my clients.  I write speeches to entertain and inspire audiences. I write for my boarding school alumni magazine because the school and its faculty and staff continue to give me wonderful opportunities to learn.  I write a collection of essays that I trust will one day be a book.  Mostly though, I write because I love to read. I am inspired by writing that evokes a response from me.  I admire people who put words together in a powerful way, and I aim to be one of them.

Writing is serious business. But it’s also terribly fun, as life should be. My greatest joy in writing is connecting with others in some way. If you found something on this site to be encouraging, worth a laugh, or useful in any way, I would love to hear from you.  You can reach me by email at imtaline@gmail.com.

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