Repost of "Meeting the Kids"

Two people I respect with my whole heart just adopted two children from Ethiopia.  The adoption grew their family of five to a family of seven.  I’ve been Facebook stalking them in their process of securing these kids into their family.  It hasn’t been easy, but they have been consistent in their fight to give these children a good home.

Brandon, the dad, just posted a video of their first meeting of these two little people.  I just watched this video and am touched by it.  I’m touched by the first hugs.  I’m touched by the timidity in their new daughter.  I’m touched by the lack of timidity in their new son.  I’m most touched by Jennifer’s face in the car before they actually meet Remy and Ben.  Her face speaks her love for them.  Watch the video for yourself on Brandon’s blog.

Brandon and Jennifer, I know I’ve said this before, but your love is huge.  I know you give so much because you know you’ve received so much.  You have touched many lives, and now you’ve forever altered two more.  I’m proud to know you, and I’m amazed by you.  Remy and Ben could not have landed in better hands.  They are precious…and so deeply fortunate to be Hatmakers.  My love to you all.