Feeling My Age.

This was an unusually busy week. Monday, I worked. Tuesday, I was in a leadership program all day. Wednesday, I had meetings in the morning and a continuing legal education course in the afternoon. Thursday and Friday, I again was in continuing legal education. Every night except Wednesday, I had meetings, some of which lasted until 9pm. And two nights, I ended up working after my meetings because I was spending so much time out of the office. This morning, I did a 30-mile bike ride. And suddenly I’m exhausted. It’s 8pm, and I could fall asleep. What is going on?

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96 Miles in 97 Degrees.

It wasn’t fun. Well, it was. It’s always fun to be out on the bike, but it was also miserable given the heat. We started at 6:30 in the morning to try to avoid the heat as best we could. We were doing a 32-mile loop three times. The first hour of the ride was quite lovely, but by the end of the first loop, the heat was too much. The second and third loops were difficult, but we managed. Just barely. Continue reading

From 17 to 70!

Okay, so it wasn’t 70. It was 69. Miles, that is. I did 69 miles on my bike after weeks of not being out on my bike. The last time Dave and I rode, we did a quick 17 miles and called it good. Since then, we’ve had stuff going on – events, travels and such – and the long rides and runs just haven’t been happening. But this week, I sat down and wrote out my long ride and run schedule leading up to Wisconsin in my planner and I had a “Oh, sh*t!” moment. My ride today called for five hours. FIVE HOURS. How could I do that after weeks of not riding? I wasn’t sure that I could. Continue reading

5 Keys to Getting a Long Ride Done.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been anticipating today’s training ride. This was my biggest training ride towards Wisconsin. My schedule said to ride for 7 hours. My plan was to ride the dam loop (a 43-mile hilly route) twice and then (energy permitting) make up whatever additional time I needed by riding an out and back on Parmer. I emailed some friends to see who I could wrangle together for this ride, and, oh my goodness, they came out in the best way. Continue reading

Miles on the Bike.

Biking. That’s been my focus this entire season of Ironman training. Twice a week, I do spin classes at the Academy. On Saturdays, I’ve been doing long rides. And until a couple of weeks ago, I was riding again on Sundays, in lieu of a long run. My thinking has been that time on the bike is what I need to be confident going into Wisconsin. I’m not confident yet because I have a healthy respect for the bike course in this particular race, but I’m feeling like I’ve done the best I can to prepare so far. And that’s really all I can do. Continue reading

Church of the Open Road.

Normally, I ride my bike on Saturdays and run on Sundays, but this weekend, I craved more time on the bike, so I rode both days. It took me back to the summer of 2012 when I was working less and riding out on the road (as opposed to in spin classes) multiple times a week. Multiple times a week of actual riding did wonders for my bike strength. With just twelve weeks to Ironman Wisconsin, I’m actively chasing wonders. Continue reading

To Want to Train.

I hadn’t been on my bike since May. Once I hurt my hip, I quit trying to ride at all, much less get in any long rides. So when my friend Emily asked me to help her get back on her bike for the first time in years, I took the invitation as the opportunity to get back out on mine. Long story short, an easy and fun 6-mile ride with her during the week prompted me to ride again on Sunday morning. I hopped out of bed, threw on my biking clothes, and went for a solo ride down Creek Road in Dripping Springs. It was beautiful and so much fun. The best part was that I craved a ride. I didn’t do it because I had to. I did it because I wanted to. Continue reading

Measured Improvement!

Today, we did a test on the bike to check my progress. When my coach Natasha announced that we would be testing, I got nervous, in part because I’ve been training sporadically this past week. Dave and I went to Roatan, Honduras, for four days, and I wasn’t able to do anything but run there. And before I left town, I had a couple of days of hectic work, which meant missed workouts. I could see that maybe I would be rested. I could also see that maybe I would be out of sorts physically because I’d lost my rhythm of training. Maybe I was a little bit of both, given the travel, but I’m encouraged that I tested 18 watts better than I did back on March 17. That was exciting! Continue reading

On the Road Again (an MS 150 Race Report).

Our weather has been so funky in Austin that I haven’t been out on my bike much. I’ve done a lot of work on a trainer, but I’ve done very little road riding. It’s been cold and rainy much of the winter. This weekend was no exception. This week it rained so much that on Friday afternoon, just as Dave and I were heading out to meet our team for the drive to Houston for our two-day ride, we got an email saying that Day 1 of the ride was cancelled due to rain. There went my 100-mile day. All that remained was to figure out whether Day 2 would happen. Continue reading