Jeanie’s Awesome Race.

This weekend, I went to Madison, Wisconsin, to sherpa for my friend Jeanie during Ironman Wisconsin. I’d never seen this race, but I’d heard about it. I heard about tough hills and awesome crowds and both proved to be true. The bike course is definitely hilly. There were no massive oh-no-it’s-too-steep-I’m-going-to-fall-over climbs, but the course rolls nearly the entire way. “Relentless” is the term Jeanie used to describe it. And the crowds? They were probably the best I’ve ever seen. I got to spectate part of the bike course and loved seeing people all along the roads. And much of the run is through downtown, which was lined with people the entire way. It was incredible. And did I mention that Jeanie kicked ass on this course? She did. I was blown away. Continue reading

An Early Morning Surprise.

I slept terribly last night. When my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m., I almost texted the girls to tell them that I was bailing on our run, but I managed somehow to get my butt out of bed and to the trails. We had a lovely 5-mile run during which we got to hear about Jenny’s 30K trail race of this past weekend in West Texas. It sounds like a race that needs to land on my 2016 schedule. Then when we got back to our cars, I had the most wonderful surprise waiting for me. Continue reading

An Evening in Coupeville.

Good morning from Coupeville, Washington, on the glorious Whidbey Island. It’s just after 7 here. I’m here with six women, and three of us are awake so far. The coffee is brewing – my contribution since it’s really the only thing I know how to make – and I’m thinking back to what an incredible evening we had last night. Joanna made a taco dinner for us, and Kristie made blackberry cobbler from fresh blackberries that she picked on a walk. Afterwards, we sat around the living room reading to one another the things we’ve been working on. Being in a circle listening to the stories of women I love is perhaps my most favorite way to spend an evening. Continue reading