No More Rest.

I did my first post-Ironman track workout today, and it kicked my butt. It’s only been a few weeks since my race, but I feel like my fitness has back-tracked with all the rest. I’ve been taking it easy and sleeping more and only getting to about half my usual workouts. Today, I paid for it. We did three one-mile repeats, and it hurt. Was the rest worth it? I don’t think so.

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Thinking Ahead.

Between my work and Dave’s work and training and travel, some of which was unexpected, things have been moving quickly and suddenly it’s November 17. I don’t know where the year went. This weekend, Dave and I went to South Padre Island for a marathon. Dave gave me the entry for my birthday last year – last December – and, at the time, it seemed forever away. But it came and went and was super fun, and now Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner again. Continue reading


This weekend, I watched a friend do her very first triathlon ever. I’ve been watching her train for months. She had to learn how to swim and build up the confidence to swim 750 meters in open water. That was the biggest mental hurdle. But she also had to buy a bike and get comfortable out on the road. Oh and did I mention she has two little kids? So she had to figure out how and when to train while working and being a mom. And she did it. I loved every minute of watching her reach her goal.  Continue reading

Not Racing Days #4 and #5 and Beyond.

We’re home from Coeur d’Alene, and I’m feeling a post-race slump even though I didn’t race. We spent Saturday morning with our new friend Rose, visiting and helping her prep her gear bags. That afternoon, we drove a couple of hours to Chewelah, Washington, to visit my dear friend Rey and her husband David, who moved up to that area about five years ago. The next day, we spectated. It was fun, as spectating an Ironman is always fun, but without a doubt, racing is more fun. Even though we were drenched in sweat just standing there holding signs and ringing cowbells, I envied those who were facing the 106 degree heat and the 147 degree ambient heat on the highway. It was a tough day out there and many incredibly able athletes were not able to survive the conditions, but damn. I so respect each and every one of them for trying. Continue reading

Making a Choice.

It’s been a cold weekend. Yesterday morning and this morning, I ran outdoors in temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. Brrr. But it was fun. I ran 8 miles with my friend Poppe yesterday along the beautiful Lady Bird Lake, and today I did a 3-mile route solo in my neighborhood. Both mornings, I was tempted to sleep in and stay warm, but I got the runs done, and they felt great. Once again, I’m reminded that I never regret getting the workouts in. I only regret skipping them.

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Tennis Again.

I played tennis yesterday for the first time in too long. At first, my friend Trevor and I just hit. Then we served. Then we decided to play a set. Then we decided to play another set. Overall, we played for almost two hours. I had a great time, even though he beat me badly. But this morning? Holy moly, everything hurts. My thighs, my butt, my back, my arms. Everything just hurts. Continue reading


My dreams have been disrupting my sleep. I keep a spiral notebook by my bed and was trying, for a while, to write my dreams down because sometimes they are crazy vivid. It’s a practice I started in Africa, where I would wake at times in the middle of the night and make notes in the journal that I kept inches away from my head. I’d read the notes the next morning and realize that I would have lost my dreams entirely if I hadn’t recorded them. I haven’t been doing that lately, but I had a crazy dream last night that I do remember, and I found a dream from last week that I’d started to write about in a blog post that never materialized. Continue reading