All I Can See.

I have been home since Thursday. When I’m home indefinitely, I tend not to wear my contacts because I really only need them to see at a distance – to drive or to watch a movie or something. But when I’m home studying, everything is immediately in front of me, and my eyes without contacts work just fine for that. So, when I’m home, I give my eyes a break and just use my glasses if I happen to need clarity on something more than a few feet away from me. Turns out, I sort of like living this way.

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Texas Snow.

It’s been a snow day here in Texas. Those are simple words, but they carry enormous implications. We woke up to about five inches of snow and were giddy messing around outside. Then around 11:30 this morning, our power went out, and the giddiness I felt disappeared with it. As the house got colder, my anxiety level rose. How long would we be without power? Would it be into the night? What would happen to our house and the plumbing? How would the cats manage in a cold house? Would we all make it through okay?

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A Good Year.

Three days into the new year, and I’m seeing the holiday season coming to a close. No more holiday lights on our fence. No more long weekends and short work weeks. No more stretches of time for puzzles and Scrabble. It’s time to return to the regular work schedule and all that comes with that. Going to bed early. Meetings throughout the day. Deadlines. As is often the case this time of year, I’m trying to figure out how to carry the calm of this season into regular life.

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No More “Out There.”

Last I wrote, I was reveling in the “in here” and carefully navigating the “out there.” I have since abandoned the “out there” altogether. The animosity, the lies, and the dogged displays of vitriol are more than this girl can handle, so begone world. I am circling the wagons. I’ll see you again when we return to normalcy or when we start holding people accountable for the accuracy of the information they circulate – whichever comes first.

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Staycation 2020.

Last week was a good one. We hiked Enchanted Rock. We rode the Violet Crown Trail. We explored McKinney Falls. Between the outdoor activity, we had coffees with my dad, I had lunch with my niece, and I managed some workouts on my training program. Then on the weekend, we did a three-day virtual event on the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. It was not a week in Colorado (which had been the original plan), but we had a great week.

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My Heart is Grateful.

It’s early in 2019, and already I’m feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude. I’ve had something going on that is causing me to get really dizzy. I fell once last month. I got on the ground to avoid falling again this month. And then I got horribly dizzy a third time just reading in bed. After those three incidents in a matter of weeks, I decided to see a doctor. (Fine, Dave insisted that I see a doctor. Details, details.)  Continue reading