Wednesday List #32 – The Challenges of Life With Another

Dave’s been in town for just over a month. It’s lovely – absolutely lovely – to have him here, but I can’t pretend that it’s all easy. It’s not. It’s been a long time since I did anything other than have a long-distance relationship. Long-distance is easy. You have wonderful visits when you’re together, and you get regular life and lots of alone time when you aren’t. That always worked well for me. Life with someone – really with someone – is very different and much harder. Continue reading

A Walk Under a Tree.

This weekend was full of activity and rest. We enjoyed happy hour, a play, a bike ride, wedding stuff, a visit from a new friend, a track workout, a visit to my niece’s college campus, a swim, and grocery shopping. We also wrote thank you notes and put lots of stuff from the move away around the house. And I practiced the guitar and wrote in my journal. Now Dave is out cooking on the grill while I write. The holiday weekend had its highs and lows, but mostly it was wonderful.  Continue reading

A Random Note.

I said earlier today that I had the freedom of running, writing or reading a book. I’ve done all three, and it’s only 3:45 here. I feel wonderfully accomplished and relaxed at the same time, and I still have quality time with my friends before me. The day feels indulgent and sweet. I even had the joy of finding a card from Dave buried in my suitcase. I know how many things Dave was juggling in the hours before I left town, so that he managed somehow to write a card and hide it in my bag made me feel even more loved, if even more loved is possible. Continue reading

A Weighty Matter.

I got a stern talking to last night. Dave and I were talking via Facetime, and I told him that I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror at the gym during my trainer session last night. I’d done so well last year losing a bunch a weight, and these last few months, it’s been creeping back on. My pear shape is returning. Of course, since Dave’s a boy, I didn’t put it quite that way, but I did express my disapproval with my body, and he went off on me – in the most loving way – about loving myself and accepting myself as I am.  Continue reading

A “New” Home.

I almost don’t recognize my house. It’s perhaps more organized than it’s ever been. The clutter on my kitchen counter? Gone. The piles of projects on my dining room table? They are finished or stored somewhere out of sight. All the bills and other paperwork piled up in my office? They are shredded or filed away. The three stacks of magazines that have been building up on my living room floor have miraculously disappeared. Even my closet and drawers are organized. I’ve taken one big carload to Goodwill, and I have one more that needs to go. This whole place feels…better. Continue reading

Six Months.

On September 1 of last year, with my fortieth birthday looming and my heart still somewhat raw from the past, I asked a handful of friends to think of the kindest single person they know and ask themselves if I should meet him. “Emphasis on kind please,” I wrote.  Almost three weeks later, my new friend Laura Lynn, who is married to a dear old friend of mine, emailed me about a guy from their church. Here’s what she said: Continue reading