I’m torn about the world opening up. It’s lovely to be back in restaurants and movie theaters and even, to some extent, the office. But are we doing the right thing? I keep hearing of friends getting Covid and numbers rising, particularly among the unvaccinated. I carry a bit of anxiety with me about all of these things, particularly as so much of how we respond seems to be politically driven. I want normal, but I feel the need to pull back. And so I am.

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Better Together.

This weekend, Dave and I went to a marriage seminar organized by some friends of mine from the Church at Lake Travis. A pastor friend of theirs from Alabama spoke about marriage. It’s hard to summarize all that he said, but what I walked away with is that marriage is an opportunity and an obligation to love another unconditionally. Marriages work when people decide to stick with them. That second statement seems obvious, but it’s true, right? If people quit, the marriage is done. But if they stick with it, even when it’s hard, then there’s a chance that things will get better. This workshop really hit home with me in a way that convicted me to apologize to Dave about various things I’d said and done or not done in the last month. Continue reading