Happy Blank Page.

I had the delightful serendipity of rounding out the last hours of January 1 by filling out the last pages of my old journal. I have a stash of blank journals, so I spent some time last night carefully selecting the book I’d use in the coming year. Did I want a leather cover? Did I want a simple composition book? Did I want lined or unlined pages? Did I want tablet sized pages or full 8 1/2 by 11 pages? There were so many choices. After a bit of fondling through my options, I chose a full-sized, unlined book. Specifically, I chose this book: Continue reading

Back to Everything.

After almost two weeks of being sick, I’m finally back on my feet. I’ve run the last three mornings. Not well, but I’ve run. Sunday, I did a four mile run/walk before church. Yesterday, I ran three miles from my house before work. Today, I met up with my friends for the first morning in forever and ran five miles with them. It was nice to get my day started early and to get ready for work at the gym once again. Even the guy at the smoothie bar said, “It’s been a while.” Yes, it has. It’s good to be back. Continue reading

The First of the Month.

I like turning a calendar on a new month. As a kid, I liked new beginnings – new school years, new semesters, a new six-weeks period, the beginning of summer. As an adult, new beginnings are harder to come by and when they come, they usually mean something painful has just happened – the end of a job or a relationship. To feed my need for positive new beginnings, I’ve taken to noticing the turn of the calendar and focusing on New Year’s Day as an important time to clean and purge and prepare for the next phase and set new intentions. Continue reading

A “New” Home.

I almost don’t recognize my house. It’s perhaps more organized than it’s ever been. The clutter on my kitchen counter? Gone. The piles of projects on my dining room table? They are finished or stored somewhere out of sight. All the bills and other paperwork piled up in my office? They are shredded or filed away. The three stacks of magazines that have been building up on my living room floor have miraculously disappeared. Even my closet and drawers are organized. I’ve taken one big carload to Goodwill, and I have one more that needs to go. This whole place feels…better. Continue reading

Sunday Delivery.

I stood in the locker room of my gym this morning, wrapped in a towel, when I realized that I had forgotten to pack my dopp kit. That meant no deodorant, no brush, no sweet smelling lotion, no moisturizer, no makeup, nothing. I had two options: put my dirty running clothes back on and head home to clean up or proceed to the shower and make a store run on my way to work. Continue reading

I’m Back!

After two weeks away in beautiful Tanzania, I am back at home and ready to jump back into life here. I got home Sunday evening. Yesterday was tough, as my body was still very much on Africa time. But last night, I crashed hard and woke this morning feeling like myself again. I even managed a run this morning with Kerry and Jenny. It’s nice to get back into my routine.

I’m still processing my trip and expect I will for some time. Continue reading