Missing St. George.

My friend just messaged me from St. George. He’s driving the course for this weekend’s race and identified the exact point that kicked my ass last year. Snow Canyon. It looks deceptively flat and feels like miles and miles of up. I’m not there this year. I meant to be, but I realized a few weeks ago that I had too much going on to make it happen. It was difficult to let go of that race, but I did. And I’m glad I did. I can’t imagine having tried to get on a plane this morning. It would have been just too much. Continue reading

Being Well.

My feeling out of sorts has now extended into my writing. It’s been two weeks since I wrote. It’s not that I haven’t had things to write about. I have. I could have written about my decision to skip the St. George 70.3, my recent visit with one of my sweet friends from Connecticut, my exceptional Easter weekend at home alone, my venture into open water swimming with Dave despite my fish issues, or my first experience at a rowing class. A great deal has happened in the last two weeks. I just haven’t had time to get into it. Better than that, I haven’t felt the need to write. Continue reading

A Track Workout.

On Sunday morning, I hit the track for mile repeats. My training plan called for at least two mile repeats on a 9:20 pace. I did this same workout back on February 23. Back then, I only managed two repeats and I barely hit my target time. I did the first at 9:18 and the second at 9:20 and felt so exhausted that I called it a day. Today, I managed four repeats and was much faster: 9:08, 9:00, 8:54 and 9:01. I might have had a fifth mile in me, but I called it a day at four. A good day. I like seeing progress, and today was definitely progress. Go me. Continue reading

Fitness Goals for 2014.

I raced the 3M Half Marathon this weekend and am super proud of how I did. My total time was 2 hours and 18 minutes, which translates into 10:34 miles. A year ago, my 5K time averaged 12 minute miles. Now I managed to average 10:34 miles for 13 miles, and I did that after weeks of being away and not training and after running a 10K trail race the day before. I love what that says about how my fitness right now. Continue reading

Calming The Nerves.

I’m having one of those days when there’s so much going on that I have to stop and write towards clearing my head or else I’ll dip my hands into this and that and the other thing but not actually get anything done.

I had a lovely weekend at a Jeanne Guy Gathering where time seemed to stand still and I was present in what we were doing and what I was writing. I slept well. I ate well. I enjoyed the company of an amazing group of women. I called Mom and one trusted other but otherwise kept myself huddled in the security of a safe circle of women who listen and don’t judge. It was incredible. And now, just 24 hours later, I’ve had a poor night’s sleep, and I’m a frenzied mess. How did this happen?

I think I know. Continue reading