All I Can See.

I have been home since Thursday. When I’m home indefinitely, I tend not to wear my contacts because I really only need them to see at a distance – to drive or to watch a movie or something. But when I’m home studying, everything is immediately in front of me, and my eyes without contacts work just fine for that. So, when I’m home, I give my eyes a break and just use my glasses if I happen to need clarity on something more than a few feet away from me. Turns out, I sort of like living this way.

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Choosing to Slow Down.

For the first time in a long time, my calendar is not full of races. Late last year, I made the decision to slow down and to focus less on training and more on regular life. It’s now March. I’m still active. I’m running or doing body pump at the YMCA most days, but I’m not obsessively training. I’m not taking an hour or two or more out of each day to get a workout in. I’m not spending all day Saturday on my bike. In fact, I haven’t been on my bike since Ironman Wisconsin! It’s been nice. I like how this feels. Continue reading

New Year 2018.

After a pretty rough November and December, 2017 ended quite nicely. I finally got around to all the cleaning and purging I normally like to do at the turn of the year. I organized the coat closet, the bathroom closet, the kitchen pantry, and the closet that houses the washer and dryer. I cleaned the floors and vacuumed and put fresh sheets on the beds. And I decluttered a bit, mostly cleaning off the counter in the kitchen where photos, papers, and miscellaneous items tend to collect. I could not have asked for a better end to the year, except perhaps that I wish I hadn’t gotten a cold. That I could have done without.

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Saturday in Bed.

This is an unusual Saturday afternoon. I’m in bed resting. Lucky me, I got sick on Christmas Day. I went to bed at around 8 on Christmas night and slept long into the next morning. Again last night, I went to bed relatively early and slept until around 10 this morning. I’ve had to cancel tennis with an old friend, a baby shower, and time with my godson. None of that has been fun. On the upside, I’ve had lots of time at home to rest.  Continue reading