Enough Already.

I’ve had to admit to myself over the last couple of days that I can’t do it all. Right now, I’m working, training, writing, and putting lots of energy into my relationships. I’d like to also be doing board work and trail running and guitar lessons and Story Departments and more, but I’m calling my own bluff. I’m crying uncle. I’m scaling back, at least until I get through my big race and maybe until after Dave gets hereContinue reading

A Day of Rest.

I’ve been in pajamas all day except for the 45 minutes that I went to the track to time myself running a 5K. Talk about a nice day. I read the paper. I read magazines. I listened to some sermons online. I ate. I read a book a friend wrote. I visited with Mom and Dad who came over for a bit. It was a darn good day right up until the guy who claims to love me kicked my butt in our first ever game of Words With Friends. How rude. Continue reading