My Writing


I am available to write:

  • articles
  • books
  • book reviews
  • people profiles
  • personal histories

I have written the following for my alumni magazine:

  • 2013 Recipient of MacArthur Fellowship (A Profile of Julie Livingston)(Spring 2014)
  • Steroid Use in the G.I. Joe Era (A Profile of Dr. Harrison Pope, Jr.)(Fall 2013)
  • A ‘High Five’ for Mike Lynch ’72 (A Feature)(Spring 2013)
  • Eyes on the World (A Profile of Thomas Reckford)(Winter 2013)
  • Finding the Right Narrative (A Profile of Kathy Franklin)(Fall 2012)
  • In Search of a Cure (A Profile of Dr. Martha Nance)(Summer 2012)
  • The Lure of “Danger, Excitement and Risk” (A Profile of Timothy Pittman)(Spring 2012)
  • Making the Courts More Hospitable (A Profile of Richard Zorza)(Fall 2011)
  • The Value of Friends (A Profile of Henry F. Merritt)(Winter 2011)
  • Diary of a Eunuch (A Review of Richard Harvell’s The Bells)(Fall 2010)

Other Services:

In addition to doing my own writing, I help others with their writing projects.

If you want to discuss a writing project, please contact me.

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